Exposure to stress influences our physiological condition: Lifepath newsletter, Issue 4


Exposure to stress caused by low socio-economic status influences our physiological condition
Lower social and economic conditions in early life can expose individuals to repeated or chronic stress, which in turn may have a serious impact on health in later years. This is what emerged from a series of studies carried out by researchers of the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier. These studies fall within the research framework of the Lifepath project and resulted in two papers published on Psychoneuroendocrinology and Social Science & Medicine. [Read more]



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Registration is now open for the third 'Stat-XP: Statistical approaches to characterize the exposome from OMICs platforms: Overview and Perspective' short course.
Stat-XP is an introductory short course to statistical models required to analyse high-throughput data from well-established OMICs platforms. This includes genetic, transcriptomic, metabonomics and epigenetics data. Participants will be able to run their own analyses at the end of the course (readily usable scripts from practicals will be provided). This should open doors to the implementation of novel studies building upon existing underexploited data or publicly available databases. Potentially interested audience ranges from academics with statistical/biological/clinical backgrounds, to non-academics with interests in risk stratification.
The course will be held between Monday, 28th Nov – Fri, 2nd Dec 2016 in London, at the Academy of Medical Sciences.
More information could be found by contacting Marc Chadeau-Hyam, Course Leader - m.chadeau@imperial.ac.uk - and on the course web page: http://www.imperial.ac.uk/school-public-health/study/short-courses/Stat-xp/

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Thursday, November 17, 2016