Lifepath Papers

This section gathers all the studies published by Lifepath members on the project-related topics. The pdf files for open access papers are also available.

Title Source Link Altmetric Dimension Publication date
Special Report: The Biology of Inequalities in Health: The Lifepath Consortium
May, 2020
Health inequalities: Embodied evidence across biological layers
December, 2019
Early-life inequalities and biological ageing: a multisystem Biological Health Score approach in UnderstandingSociety
April, 2019
Socioeconomic position, lifestyle habits and biomarkers of epigenetic aging: a multi-cohort analysis
April, 2019
Multi-cohort study identifies social determinants of systemic inflammation over the life course
February, 2019
A Comparative Analysis of the Status Anxiety Hypothesis of Socio-economic Inequalities in Health Based on 18,349 individuals in Four Countries and Five Cohort Studies
January, 2019
Socioeconomic position during pregnancy and DNA methylation signatures at three stages across early life: epigenome-wide association studies in the ALSPAC birth cohort
December, 2018
Longer schooling but not better off? A quasi-experimental study of the effectof compulsory schooling on biomarkers in France
November, 2018
Environment, cancer and inequalities-The urgent need for prevention
November, 2018
The contribution of health behaviors to socioeconomic inequalities in health: A systematic review
August, 2018
Neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage, risk factors, and diabetes from childhood to middle age in the Young Finns Study: a cohort study
July, 2018
Trends in health inequalities in 27 European countries
June, 2018
Association between systolic blood pressure and dementia in the Whitehall II cohort study: role of age, duration, and threshold used to define hypertension
June, 2018
Fiscal crises and personal troubles: the great recession in Ireland and family processes
June, 2018
Clinical, socioeconomic, and behavioural factors at age 50 years and risk of cardiometabolic multimorbidity and mortality: A cohort study
May, 2018
Kidney Disease in Women is Associated with Disadvantaged Childhood Socioeconomic Position
May, 2018
From John Snow to omics: the long journey of environmental epidemiology
April, 2018
Social Pension Income Associated With Small Improvements In Self-Reported Health Of Poor Older Men In Colombia
March, 2018
Conditional Cash Transfers And Health Of Low-Income Families In The US: Evaluating The Family Rewards Experiment
March, 2018
Socioeconomic status, non-communicable disease risk factors, and walking speed in older adults: multi-cohort population based study
March, 2018
Allostatic load and subsequent all-cause mortality: which biological markers drive the relationship? Findings from a UK birth cohort
February, 2018
The Great Recession and the Health of Young Children: A Fixed-Effects Analysis in Ireland
January, 2018
The role of the early social environment on Epstein Barr virus infection: a prospective observational design using the Millennium Cohort Study
December, 2017
Social adversity and epigenetic aging: a multi-cohort study on socioeconomic differences in peripheral blood DNA methylation
November, 2017
An epigenome-wide association study meta-analysis of educational attainment
October, 2017
The biology of inequalities in health: the LIFEPATH project
October, 2017
P90 Socio-economic variation in child bmi trajectory from infancy to adolescence in three contemporary european child cohort
September, 2017
Association of DNA Methylation-Based Biological Age With Health Risk Factors and Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality
August, 2017
Socioeconomic differences in children’s growth trajectories from infancy to early adulthood: evidence from four European countries
August, 2017
Beyond bad luck: induced mutations and hallmarks of cancer.
August, 2017
Why Do Working-Class Kids Do Worse in School? An Empirical Test of Two Theories of Educational Disadvantage
July, 2017
Socio-economic trajectories and cardiovascular disease mortality in older people: the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
July, 2017
Contribution of cognitive performance and cognitive decline to associations between socioeconomic factors and dementia: A cohort study
June, 2017
Trends In Inequalities In Mortality Amenable To Health Care In 17 European Countries
June, 2017
Intergenerational Socioeconomic Mobility and Adult Depression: The CONSTANCES Study
June, 2017
Causality in cancer research: a journey through models in molecular epidemiology and their philosophical interpretation
June, 2017
Occupational class and working beyond the retirement age: a cohort study
May, 2017
Socioeconomic indicators in epidemiologic research: A practical example from the LIFEPATH study
March, 2017
Epigenetic memory in response to environmental stressors
March, 2017
Socioeconomic status and the 25 × 25 risk factors as determinants of premature mortality: a multicohort study and meta-analysis of 1·7 million men and women
January, 2017
Biological marks of early-life socioeconomic experience is detected in the adult in inflammatory transcriptome
December, 2016
The impact of a conditional cash transfer programme on determinants of child health: evidence from Colombia
October, 2016
Mediating pathways between parental socio-economic position and allostatic load in mid-life: Findings from the 1958 British birth cohort
September, 2016
The social patterning of risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in five countries: evidence from the modeling the epidemiologic transition study (METS)
September, 2016
Physiological wear-and-tear and later subjective health in mid-life: Findings from the 1958 British birth cohort
August, 2016
Conditional cash transfers and the double burden of malnutrition among children in Colombia: a quasi-experimental study
May, 2016
Sociodemographic, behavioural and genetic determinants of allostatic load in a Swiss population-based study
May, 2016
A life course approach to explore the biological embedding of socioeconomic position and social mobility through circulating inflammatory markers.
April, 2016
Sociodemographic, behavioral and genetic determinants of allostatic load in a Swiss population-based study
February, 2016
The biological embedding of social differences in ageing trajectories
November, 2015