Lausanne 2017: Lifepath Annual Meeting

On May 18-19, members of the Lifepath consortium gathered at the University of Lausanne for the third annual meeting of the project. The event was an opportunity to review and discuss the results obtained so far, and to identify and address future challenges.

“What I appreciated particularly from our third network meeting in Lausanne is the consistency of evidence from different levels (population surveys, cohort studies, biochemical and molecular investigations) showing very clearly that socio-economic differentials are one of the most, if not the most important, determinants of poor health”, commented Paolo Vineis (Imperial College, London), coordinator of the project.

In order to explore in depth some of the topics discussed during the meeting, four video interviews to Lifepath members – Silvia Stringhini (Hospices Cantonaux CHUV, Lausanne), Johan Mackenbach (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam), Richard Layte (Trinity College, Dublin) and Cathal McCrory (Trinity College, Dublin) – were realised.

Publication date: 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017