Trend in inequalities: Lifepath newsletter issue 6


Trend in inequalities

More generous spending on health care helps reduce absolute inequalities in mortality, at least in the European context. This is what emerged from a study conducted by LIFEPATH researchers, who examined trends in inequalities in mortality in seventeen European countries, over the course of twenty years. [Read more]

Lausanne 2017: Lifepath Annual Meeting

On May 18-19, members of the Lifepath consortium gathered at the University of Lausanne for the third annual meeting of the project. The event was an opportunity to review and discuss the results obtained so far, and to identify and address future challenges. [Read more]

Discussing on health inequalities at Trento festival of Economics

At the beginning of June, the Lifepath project participated in the twelfth Trento Festival of Economics, because its main topic this year was health inequality. Three members of the project went to Trento, Italy, to share Lifepath’s experience with the audience. [Read more]

Publication date: 
Thursday, September 21, 2017