The contribution of Lifepath results for the prevention and care of cancer

Paolo Vineis, from Imperial College, London, and leader of the Lifepath consortium, was invited to give a lecture about health inequalities and Lifepath Project at the annual seminar of the National Cancer Institute in Milan, Italy (2-3 March 2018). In his lecture (download here), Vineis focused on the inequalities in cancer outcomes, with the following conclusions:

"Faster relative decline of cancer mortality among the high educated illustrates their greater capacity to benefit from advances in prevention and treatmentWidening relative inequalities in cancer may be a largely inevitable by-product of mortality decline – policymakers should target absolute inequalitiesEntry-points for intervention include poverty, smoking and health care access, but population level effects require large scale effortsCancer mortality is increasingly important as a component of health inequality, and cancer prevention and treatment policies should have a stronger equity focus".

These points showed the contribution that Lifepath Project can give to the Public health community in terms of policy intervention reduce absolute and relative inequalities in cancer prevention and care.

Publication date: 
Monday, March 5, 2018