Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is the leading University in Ireland and ranks 9th in Europe (48th in the World) in Research Performance. Ageing is one of 21 key strategic research themes for Trinity College Dublin, with investments of over €170 million in the last decade to establish world-class infrastructure for ageing research, which has secured over €60 million in ageing research programme and project funding. Trinity EngAGE Centre for Research in Ageing, launched in 2013, brings leadership to over 120 multi-disciplinary researchers in Ageing at Trinity College. The principle focus of Trinity EngAGE is knowledge translation and public engagement. Trinity EngAGE brings together ageing research across three Faculties, six Research Institutes, two Hospitals and 12 Ageing Research Programmes across College and its associated teaching hospitals.

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Involved in

WP3 Life-course socio-economic pathways towards healthy ageing and the role of modifiable risk factors
WP6 Changes in SES and the biology of ageing: the impac of economic downturns and conditional transfer policies on biological markers
WP7 Conceptual integration: SES measures and the biological embedding of healthy ageing
WP8 Evidence integration, policy implications and health impact assessment
WP9 Communication and dissemination