Changes in SES and the biology of ageing: the impac of economic downturns and conditional transfer policies on biological markers

The objective of this Work Package is to examine the impact of the recent economic downturn on health outcomes and biological markers of ageing in European countries heavily affected by the economic crisis. The study will take advantage of unique birth and adult longitudinal cohorts with health and ‘omics’ measurements in Italy, Portugal and Ireland, during both the build-up phase and the capacity decline phase. A key activity of this WP is also the study of the impact of an income transfer policy on health outcomes (including functioning) and biological markers of ageing. This analysis will be carried out by exploiting existing experimental data from the New York City ‘conditional cash transfer’ programme (led by Columbia University), complemented with new data collection of blood samples and buccal swabs for assessments of markers of inflammation and psychological stress in experiment participants.

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