Università degli Studi di Torino (UNITO)

The Department of Clinical Medicine and Biology (DSCB), employs around 100 persons (among whom around 80 scientific staff) and its activities range from molecular biology to clinical sciences to public health. It includes a Hospital Epidemiology Unit and is jointly a Regional Epidemiology Unit (ASL TO3), both led by Prof. Giuseppe Costa. The DSCB together with the Regional Epidemiology Unit works as national referral centre of the National Health Service for Social Determinants of Health, National Health Interview Surveys and Longitudinal Studies, and health during economic downturns.

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Involved in

WP2 Socio-economic differentials in healthy ageing in europe
WP3 Life-course socio-economic pathways towards healthy ageing and the role of modifiable risk factors
WP6 Changes in SES and the biology of ageing: the impac of economic downturns and conditional transfer policies on biological markers