Imperial College London

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine is one of the leading scientific universities in the world (currently as 3rd in Europe and 8th in the world). Imperial’s School of Public Health (ISPH) is an organizational leader in public health research, as evidenced by the 2008 RAE, where it was in the top two ranking departments nationally for public health. ISPH hosts two Medical Research Centres including the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment and Health. The MRC Center incorporates state of the art omics platforms: genomics including microarray gene expression, RNA Seq, DNA sequencing; cutting-edge metabolomics (Phenome Center); metagenomics DNA, RNA and metabolites of the microbiome; epigenomics and epigenomic epidemiology; systems biology, including of airway differentiation and inflammation; and expertise in cellular biology.

South Kensington Campus
Exhibition Road
SW7 2AZ London
United Kingdom

Involved in

WP1 Management and coordination
WP3 Life-course socio-economic pathways towards healthy ageing and the role of modifiable risk factors
WP4 Integration and harmonisation of biomarker / omic data
WP5 Biostatistics and mathematical models
WP7 Conceptual integration: SES measures and the biological embedding of healthy ageing
WP9 Communication and dissemination

List of Deliverables

Deliverable Number Title Lead beneficiary File Publication date
D 1.1 Summary Report of Kick-Off Meeting and Launch Event Imperial College London, Zadig Tuesday, June 30, 2015
D 1.2 Set-up of a Data Management Plan Imperial College London Tuesday, October 6, 2015