Zadig ltd is a leading private media company that focuses on health communication, environment, and science. Since its constitution in 1993, Zadig operates mainly in the field of medicine and public health. Its aim is to give critical and correct information, not only about technical issues, but also about their implications on ethics, policy making and society. To achieve these goals, Zadig operates in four main areas: Communication, Publishing, Research and Learning. Zadig is a partner of the Italian Cochrane Centre, from its foundation in 1994, for publishing and e-learning activities. Since 1998 Zadig is a partner of the National Guidelines Program, of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), as operative unit for the communication and publishing activities. Between 2005 and 2008 Zadig has pioneered an experimental program of e-learning for medical doctors and nurses on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the Italian Drug Agency, with evidence based contents and the implementation of medical vignettes as an adult learning (andragogic) tool. Zadig is also a parter for the communication and dissemination in some European projects, such as Tell Me Project (, which relates to communication during pandemic outbreaks; Asset project, and Ecran Project (European Communication on Research Awareness Needs) designed to develop a portfolio of open educational resources, including a film, for the general population about the challenges raised by independent clinical research (see:

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WP8 Evidence integration, policy implications and health impact assessment
WP9 Communication and dissemination

List of Deliverables

Deliverable Number Title Lead beneficiary File Publication date
D 1.1 Summary Report of Kick-Off Meeting and Launch Event Imperial College London, Zadig Tuesday, June 30, 2015
D 9.1 Communication strategy Zadig Tuesday, June 30, 2015
D 9.2 Report on Media Office Activity Zadig Sunday, April 30, 2017